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We're going on our travels

As the seasons change our thoughts turn to booking a road trip to get some fresh inspiration. As regulars to this website might know, we are big into surfing. We've super pleased to announce that the latest fruits of of labours are finally ready and are good to drink. 

This beer pours a rich amber, with a touch of haze; its eggshell-colored head drops to a respectable lacing that sticks to the glass. Hearty malt aroma, with bread crusts, a touch of caramel and wood, and soft floral hops tucked within a slightly lagery sulfur character. Smooth on the palate, with a creamy carbonation that tickles the tongue from behind with a crisp edge. Malts are quite bready and toasty, with a thin caramel sweetness beneath and a nutty malt finish. Spicy, herbal and citric hop flavors liven things up, provide balance and pique interest. Faint sourness, with some gritty roasty notes emerging as the beer warms. Finish is mild, not overly drying at all, but dry enough, with a residual grist feel.

This beer pours a rich amber, with a touch of haze; its eggshell-colored head drops to a respectable lacing that sticks to the glass.

Rich golden color with an amber middle and shimmering copper hues, crowned with a healthy white foam lace that sticks to the glass and retains well. Nose is soft, a bit musty, pear-skin-like, with delicate spices, rich toffee, and a slightly cheesy and distinct Chardonnay back. This beer is quite smooth on the palate. A sweet creaminess builds from a tight carbonation tickle that eventually breaks to flavors of booze-soaked grapes, minty and sugary mojito suggestions, a buttery candy finish, some fig and granola bar. Lots of big, round, residual sugars.

Warming alcohol notes

A vinous interruption occurs with a peaking sharpness of grape juice, grape skin tannins and black pepper dashed across the tongue. Some pear-skin grit on the palate. Ripe and juicy honeydew flavor harbors warming alcohol notes and adds further layers toward the finish, which is surprisingly clean, dry and more-ish.

The short, stubby, 11.2-ounce Duvel-style bottle releases a dark, leathery-brown brew, with a tan-colored, super-tight, creamy, fluffy lacing. Amazing head retention. Malted milk balls, spicy yeast and a soft herbal Saaz aroma. As soon as the beer hits the palate, it creams up with a light and fluffy feel and lively carbonation. Slight up-front sharpness, a meld of light hop bitterness and slight medicinal phenols, with a warming alcohol bite riding its wake. Notes of pith and leaf. Herbal tea and a tease of pepper tucked beneath a moderate residual sweetness, with flavors of toffee, brown bread, dried fruits and fermented honey. Some spice emerges from the alcohol as it warms. Finish goes dry, with some residual malt sweetness and bready yeast in the back.

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